Who we are:

We are a group of engineers, foremen, and technicians in Syria and Lebanon. We gathered on a goal, which is to apply and spread the culture and techniques of modern maintenance for machines in factories.
We are working to transfer everything new in the field of rotating machinery maintenance through international specialized and long-standing companies in this field … all to reduce maintenance and production costs, raise machine reliability, raise productivity and quality, and preserve the safety of the worker and the machine together. Armed with knowledge and experience, and using a wide range of mobile devices and technologies in vibration analysis for fault diagnosis, on-site balancing, laser alignment, oil analysis, and roller bearings checking and lubrication…

Our Mission:

To be active partners in Supplying and implementing maintenance solutions, technologies, tools, and requirements.
Qualifying staff and transferring global expertise in the field of modern maintenance … to promote industry highly.

Our vision:

To be one of the pioneers in applying, teaching, and disseminating modern maintenance methods in Syria, Lebanon, and neighboring countries. In order to reduce maintenance and production costs, maintain machines and extend their life.